Gaelic in Manitoba

Gaelic was the official language in the original Garden of Eden.
The serpent, of course, was speaking English.

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Calling All Cops

Ciamar a than sibh, Dhomhnuill?

"The radio's bused!" cried Two-gun Bill.

'De naigheachd? Gun sgeulan idir!

"Static, by golly!" howled Hooky Pete.

Chan eil ni aitachairt an traths. Bi sinn tighinn air ais gu h- aithg-hearr."

"Street-car interference, but blasted queer," suggested Scarface Moll.

'S math an naigheachd bhigun naigheachd idir.

"Mus' be the Chief puttin' sumpin' new over us," snapped Razor Kate.

Seated in their brand-new sedan, parked in a shady back street, four lusty bootleggers exchanged anxious glances as they spat their views in fluid and venomous style. Fact is, the city of Winnipeg has for its present guardian of the peace, a Dundee man who tried broadcasting instructions in Gaelic to squad cars, the surer to outwit gangsters and law-breakers in cars equipped with the short- wave receiving sets. The experiment was successful and now Winnipeg's hoodlums are against the Gaelic as well as the law.

Meanwhile, jealous Saxons et al, scratched their heads in surprise, said haw-haw in their knowing lingo and protested against this official recognition of a third language in Canada. English societies, too, joined in chorus with the complaint that the use of Gaelic in Canada was bound to favour the Highland Scots at these members expense. Scotching all ideas of efficiency with economy, they maintain that they desirable jobs of commanding police prowler cars will be reserved "For Scotsmen Only".

This would disturb the present ratio of Scotsmen and Sassenachs - wits and nitwits, detectives nf the police farce and defectives on the police force, and tell it not in Gath, rivalry between the two national groups is always keen in Winnipeg.

Although the Chief has scored a point in springing a surprise like this, Highlanders feel that the advantage in numbers lies with the noisy group which is assured of the heartiest support from the united-front backing of the wilder elements.

Highlanders pity both as an "anti-god" and lawless lot.

From Celtic Forum, no date given

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