On Moving Statues

Wednesday, 14 June 1995

From: Alasdair McKay
To: Janet MacKay

Subject: Re: Wait a minute!

Quite a few buildings and statues get moved around --- usually for some practical reason, such as the space being of some vital importance for something else. Dartmouth keeps moving stuff around on the Dartmouth waterfront for example, at vast unnecessary expense.

I am not intimately familiar with Northern Region's planning, but I doubt if they need the statue moving for any such practical purpose -- So why bother to move it ?

I would not necessarily hold the same view of the memorial in Dornoch Kirk, but that is really hardly the business of anyone other than the present congregation, and it would no doubt be a great expense for them to move the memorial into less hallowed ground. ( I cannot recollect if this is actually a tomb, but I don't think so. )

Alasdair McKay


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