That Statue Must Go!

Janet MacKay's initial reaction

Tuesday: 20 December 1994

From: Janet Mackay
To: Alasdair McKay

Subject: Re: Duke of Sutherland Statue

Hi, Alasdair!

> Were you aware of the following :
> (Glasgow Herald of about a week ago)

>    HEADLINE        New plan to remove, not demolish, duke statue
>    PUB DATE        941212
} THE man who began the recent controversy over the Duke of
} Sutherland's statue on Ben Bhraggie no longer wants to
} demolish the red sandstone

Not aware of this movement afoot to dethrone that arrogant creature, the creater of mega misery, the miserable scoundrel. The only reason I can see, for him to up there so proud on top of that hill or mountain -- so much the more likely that the thunderbolts from heaven will throw lightening spears at him -- use him as a lightening rod -- or something like that.

Some vague tinkle of a bell sounds from the deep recesses of the voids of my brain -- I may have heard that someone was up to something like this.

Whatever, I wholeheartedly applaud and approve -- destroy the creature, that's fine with me. Stick him in the back of Dunrobin Castle? Ah, well there are nice gardens there. But, I think that he should be used for some other target practice, given that the lightening bolts have not yet done the job they should be doing. Perhaps, though, the birds will have a better chance to dump on him if he's on lower ground, lower and slower air currents to aid and abet their flight over his head.

I care little where he goes, but he must go. Give him to his kin. He married a Sutherland, let him spend his eternity in effegy in their gardens. Oh, where =are= those birds?

Thanks, Alasdair. I'll forward it back over to Alastair in Grangemouth, and see what he says. But he would not have the intense fervoured interest in this, that we have.

This needs to be written up as an article. I must find me a mag for this.

It is a delight to read this article. Hope they are successful. Who should =we= write in support? The duke's horrible long shadow darkens all of Canada, the USA with it.

Much better to have interpretative plaques up there, providing they are written correctly.

There's my growl for the night.

Thanks for the info. If you see any more on this, I'd appreciate getting it.


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