The Statue Must Stay

Tuesday, 13 June 1995

From: Tom McRae, Queensland, Australia
To: Alasdair McKay, Nova Scotia, Canada
Cc:Janet MacKay, Nova Scotia, Canada

Subject: Re: I have it!

} Some of the most repressive regimes produce fine art. Do we
} intend to destroy the renaissance art of Florence or the other
} cities of Northern Italy, for example, in order to expunge the
} memory of families like the Macchiaveli or the Borgia? - Or for
} that matter the wonders of Rome or Egypt?

I agree with you totally. There are many memories of fascism in the buildings of Rome, the University being a good example and a fine piece of architecture as well. The mammoth statues in Franco's memorial to the Civil War with attendant underground basilica are another. Those involved in creating them may have been mongrels but that does not justify their destruction.

So let it be for Sutherland.



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