{*} Memorial to Dunblane

Nova Scotia Pipers Pay Tribute

to the Children of Dunblane

In Bedford, Nova Scotia, on April 13th, 1996, the skirl of the bagpipes resounded throughout the grounds of C. P. Allen School, from morning until late in the afternoon.

It was the Bedford Indoor Meet, a piping and drumming competition sponsored annually by the Clan Campbell Society - Nova Scotia. The competition is sanctioned by the Atlantic Canada Pipe Band Association and is the first event on the competition calendar each year.

It was the same day (April 13, 1996) that pipers around the world had banded together to pipe a tribute to Dunblane, at high noon.

A Nova Scotia Pipers' tribute was also organized on 13 April 1996 by Clan Campbell Society -- Nova Scotia, during the Bedford Indoor Meet, in memory of the Children and their teacher who died Wednesday, 13 March 1996 in the Massacre at Dunblane Primary, Dunblane, Scotland.

At noon in Bedford, 28 pipers who had respite from the ongoing competition gathered together on the grounds of C. P. Allen School, in the Nova Scotia sunshine. Orchestrated by Wayne Moug, President of the Atlantic Canada Pipe Band Association, they formed seven rows with four pipers abreast. They were backed by seven drummers.

Participating pipers represented the pipebands who were competing that day, including the Dartmouth Pipes and Drums, and the Clan Farquharson Pipeband.

The assembled pipers began by rendering the rich and solemn tones of Amazing Grace. Wayne Moug read the names of the students and the teacher who were massacred at Dunblane Primary School, Scotland, the morning of March 13th. A moment of silence was then observed.

"It was a poignant ceremony, and very nicely done," says Shirley Campbell, who was among those present. "We had bright sunshine, and an ideal day."

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