{*} Memorial to Dunblane

Pipers Plan Tribute to the Dead of Dunblane

A tribute is planned on April 13th for the victims at Dunblane Primary. At noon local on that day pipers around the world will play Amazing Grace, read the names of those who were killed and observe a moment of silence. Some pipers or bands may then go on to perform a few more tunes as they see fit. Our band plans to play about half an hour or so.

This tribute results from a suggestion of Bigit Gonzales of Binghampton, New York. Ms. Gonzales is a piper who attended Dunblane Primary as a child. She started the ball rolling.

There will be no monetary gain or anything like that. It's just to remember them in a way that is meaningful to us, and to people who appreciate their Scottish heritage.

I have suggested that any contributions that result be used to erect a small statue of a piper there on the school grounds with the list of the names on an accompanying plaque to show futute generations that we cared, but that's neither here nor there. with regard to the memorial itself.

If you are a piper please participate either individually, or with your group. If you know of some pipers who don't have internet access, please inform them. We would like Amazing Grace to play starting at noon GMT and go all the way around the world in a 24 hour period, realizing of course it may have to jump a time zone or two where large bodies of water are concerned.

Thanks for your interest, and spread the word. I think it's a great way to remind people to think about what happened, and an excellent use of the communications aspects of the Internet.

Kenton Adler
University of Arkansas

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