The Stone of Destiny

From  Sat Jul  6 06:09:29 1996
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 1996 21:32:58 -0300
From: Alasdair McKay 
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The Stone of Destiny

( by Alasdair McKay )

: The Stone of Scone is to be returned to Scotland.

Yes ... the announcement made it to the radio news in Canada. Another episode in the saga of the " wee magic stane ", but perhaps not quite as romantic a one as its removal from Westminster half a century ago ( which also provided scope for speculation on whether it really was the same "wee stane" that was returned there from Arbroath Abbey at that time.

Good to have all this uncertainty, and to have, as a whimsical bit of truly Scottish irreverence, that deathless, if banal, bit of doggerel epic verse which dates from the incident of half a century ago of which the final verse is :
Sae if ever ye come oan a stane wi' a ring
Jist sit yersel' doon an' proclaim yersel' king,
For there's nane wad be able tae challenge yer claim
That ye crooned yersel' king oan the Destiny Stane.

In a more serious vein ..... the Destiny Stone was long associated with the wanderings of the Scots over the millenia through various bits of Europe rather than with their brief sojourn in the northern part of the greater of the British Isles. Given this aspect of the significance of the Stone, may we look forward to a tour of the stone around the globe to celebrate the continued wanderings of the Scots?

I expect I could arrange temporary display space for it in Nova Scotia, for starters - that would be a good place to begin the tour. It could proceed to other points in Canada and the U.S. and thence to the antipodes and so on.

I hope something of the kind can be set up amicably. If not, I suppose some of us genuine wandering Scots will just have to come and take the thing for a tour.

Captivity in Edinburgh of a stone destined to wander is no better than captivity in Westminster.

Alasdair McKay
East Chebucto
Nova Scotia

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