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The north coast of California in the late 1800's was redwood country, and redwoods were in great demand for construction purposes in the rapidly growing San Francisco area. The wood was shipped out in schooners, generally small and two-masted, because only that type of transport could get into the poor harbors ("doghole ports") on that coast.

I was interested to see grave markers in Mendocino (one of those ports) recently that told of Maritimers ending their lives here, about as far away from home as one could get without leaving North America entirely. The markers are old and deteriorating.

Maybe the information on them would be of interest to some Nova Scotians. Fortunately, it seems to have been the custom in those days to include the place of birth on grave markers.

native of St. Andrews, Canada:
died November 5, 1878, age 23 years, 4 months, and 19 days.

native of Pictou Co., N.S.
Jan 1, 1855 to Mar 1, 1925

native of Nova Scotia:
died Jan 20, 1881, aged 40 years.

native of Nova Scotia
died Feb 11, 1873, aged 26 years
(these latter two Sutherlands are buried in a twin gravesite)

Matilda CREJOR
[probable spelling, but stone is decaying]
wife of E. J. Albertson
born May 8, 1836 in Brackley Point, P.E.I.
died in Mendocino City, California, June 6, 1871
[her husband was a Dane, buried in the same site]

William WRIGHT
native of Nova Scotia:
died Oct. 15, 1879, aged 40 years.

native of Pictou Co., N.S.
July 9, 1858 to October 2, 1924.

Sarah, wife of Andrew McLEOD
a native of Nova Scotia:
died May 8, 1904, aged 47 years, 4 months, 10 days.

Today, Mendocino is hardly a "city", but rather one of the prettiest bed-and-breakfast tourist spots on the coast; the population would probably be only a few hundred full-timers. It is hard to imagine that its booming economy once lured folks from all over the western world for gainful employment! I presume Maritime seamen were prized for their skills with schooners.

Sorry I have no further information on any of those listed above (nor am I related to any). I hope someone can find something interesting in these inscriptions.

Information supplied by Eric McAllister of Ukiah, California
with direct ancestry in New Brunswick and in Nova Scotia
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