First of all, we would like to announce the redevelopment of the CCN Youth website. That means several things:

  1. We are updating old files, dead links, and the general layout of this website.
  2. We have a new look, for those with graphical web browsers.
  3. We are looking for input and suggestions for new links, information, ideas, and so on. This includes any writing, artwork, etcetera that young-ish people in Nova Scotia would like to share with the rest of the planet.

You can help by telling us if any links don't work and by sending us your suggestions for links we might add somewhere on our site.

Secondly, we are looking for new members! for the CCN-Youth mailing list. The subscription link on this website has been having problems which we hope to soon fix. In the meantime, you can join by sending an email message to "" (without the quotes) and in the main body of the message, write:

subscribe ccn-youth

If you have problems, send an email to Jan, and she will manually add you to the list. It's pretty quiet right now, but that's why we need you! It's a fantastic opportunity to join the list while it's small and low-key so you can help shape its future. Maybe the will be a list for people to talk about things that stink in their lives. Maybe we will talk about issues affecting youth and the world we live in. Maybe we will exchange movie reviews, tell each other about cool vacations, help each other with homework - let your imagination go. Better yet, let it come - to the ccn-youth mailing list!

To get involved with any of these things or get in touch with us or whatever, email Jan or Mary.

Write us! Join us! Help us!

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