CCN Youth's Great
Movie List

This is a list of movies recommended by various members and former members of CCN Youth. If you have any comments or suggestions of your own, please email us at the CCN Youth mailing list.

Pick a name to see that person's favorite movie choices or scroll down the page:

Ryan, Matthew, Ming, Dylan, Mandy, Lee, Darla, Jan, Cassie, Denise, Kathryn, Justin, Michael

Ryan's Choices
a) Delicatessen (a French film by Jeunet et Caro)
b) taxi driver
c) Brazil
(Taxi Driver & Brazil are two completely different looks at De Niro.. you should check it out..)
d) Grease
e) The Highlander
f) Amadeus
g) I'm gonna git you Sucka!
h) Tom Jones
i) Blue Velvet
(I'm in love with Laura Dern... but this is not my favorite Laura Dern role... I thought that she was better in Ramblin' Rose)
j) Star Wars series

being a literature enthusiast, this list could change depending on my mood.... actually, I went over movies which I have watched more than once and continued to get that "chills" feeling in the back of my neck...

Matthew's List
Okay, these are *my* favorite movies:
The Dead Poets Society,
A Few Good Men,
A Muppets Christmas Carol,
Good Morning Vietnam

Ming's List
Well, I forgot about Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. I'd put them one the top of my list any day.

Dylan's List
a) Raiders of the Lost Ark
b) The Shining
c) Gone With The Wind
d) Alexander Nevsky
e) The Empire Strikes Back
f) The Wizard of Oz
g) Short Cuts
h) Metrololis
i) Blade Runner
j) Casablanca

Those are ten good films. My opinion, admittedly, but less wrong.

Mandy's Choices
I like Casper So there!!

Lee's Choices
In my opinion the best movies are in this order:
1. The Star Wars Trilogy
2. Forest Gump
3. T2
4. The Shawshank Redemption
5. Apollo 13
6. Philadelphia
7. The Indiana Jones Series
8. Toy Soldier
9. E.T.
10. Mortal Kombat

Darla's Choices

The best movie I ever saw (in my opinion) was well i can't decide it's either "Army of Darkness" (hilariously funny!), or"Nell" (touching, sad, action, made me cry!)

Army of Darkness: this movie started off with a very interesting beginning with a man in his house/cottage in the middle of nowhere when he opened a book and some darkness thing escaped .. it got into his hand and so.. (wait a second!!.. if i tell you all about the movie then what would be the point?!..) The whole point of the movie was that he got sent back in time and had to find some book and have a sorcerer send him back.. but the way it was set up it was a "spoof" on all action movies.. I laughed so hard.. i cried!

Nell: This was about a young woman who lived in the woods with her mother.. her twin sister had drowned a long time ago.. a guy delivers their groceries because the mother was raped and so she is afraid to go in town or outside in the daytime at all..t he mother has a very bad hearing problem and so she talks a different way.. which Nell and May (her dead sister) learned to talk this way too.. the guy delivering the groceries finds her crying and yelling for her mother died.. and he can't understand her because of how she talks.. people decide they want to do scientific research on her speech for they think that she evolved a language all of her own.. anyways.. I won't say anything else but it's an Awesome movie!

Jan's Choices
Well, it does seem easier to go with a list than narrowing it down to one, considering the selection of movies around. So here's some of my favorites:
Europa Europa (Polish production)
The Inner Circle (Russian-American)
Nice light European films:
Truly Madly Deeply (British romantic comedy)
Cinema Paradiso (Italian)
North American Dramas:
Fried Green Tomatoes
Nell (I'm with Darla on this!)
Shawshank Redemption
Corrina Corrina
The Land Before Time
Romantic Comedy:
The American President
When Harry Met Sally
Star Wars series (of course, how could I argue that one)
Stargate (I know lots of people didn't like it, but I did!)

I think that covers most of them... :)

Cassie's Choices
I think the best movies that I've ever seen are as follows:
1)"Swing Kids" (I absolutly *adore* this movie)
2)"Forrest Gump"
3)"Apollo 13"
4)"Schindler's List"
6)"Stand By Me"

I'd say the Wayne's World movies, but I'm afraid of the comments I'd get :)

Denise's Choices

(Denise mentioned that she also likes The Shining...)

Another movie in my top ten list is "2001: A Space Odyssey". The visuals, the soundtrack, the sound of only breathing, Hal..."Open the pod bay door please Hal..."

Another one of my personal favorites is "Hairspray". I love it when the underdog gets the prize (speaking generally). Loved Divine.

I just saw "Interview with the Vampire"... Great story.

Kathryn's Choices

if you ask me the best movie ever made was Bad Boys...why welll...just because

Justin's Choices

I think the best movie ever made is Billy Madison, mostly cuz it's funny. I saw it 9 times and I'm still not tired of it. And for anybody who knows me like Ryan O'Toole they know I like :)

Michael's Choices
1. Back to the Future Trilogy
2. Mortal Kombat
3. T2
4. Batman Forever
5. Ghost
6. Wayne's World
7. Copycat
8. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
9. Passenger 57
10. Outbreak

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