Cool Youth

Body & Mind
*Halifax Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Youth Project
*Welcome to Teen Health Pages
*Parent-Child Strategy - not just for parents, this is for anyone teen and up who wants to improve their family relationship
*Stolen Youth - A Support List for Young People
World Around Us
*Youth For Social Justice Network
*News, Events and Hot Topics
*Street Cents Online
*Canadian Youth Foundation
*Youth Resource Network of Canada - extensive job/career and education site!
*Youth and the Millenium - cool stuff about millenium contests and events
*Canada World Youth
*Aboriginal Youth Network
*Youth for Understanding
*Atlantic Challenge
Other Kids & Teens Sites
*Kid's Web
*World Kids' Network
*Berit's Best Sites for Children
*Internet Public Library: Teen Division
*Kids of the Web
*Internet Resources for Kids
*YouthLink - The Voice of Youth
*Kids' Stuff
*The Canadian Kids Page
*Students Online - requires a membership, but it looks neat and the membership is only a couple of dollars a month
*Global Schoolnet Kids

If you have any websites, events or announcements for youth, or if there's something else that you would like to see on this page, email Jan or Mary.

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