CCN Youth Mailing
List Guidelines

There are no strict and permanent rules for the CCN Youth Mailing List. They are generally agreed upon by the current members of the list, whoever they may be. However, these are some general guidelines that we try to follow:

Respect the opinions of others, even if you don't agree with them. This means you can voice your own opinion, however contradictory it may be, but you cannot flame other members, e-bomb them, harrass the m, belittle them, etc.
Remember that the ages of members vary, as do the tastes. Please refrain from profanity if there is any other possible way to express your thoughts.
No chain mail or mass mailings. Chain letters are often unwelcome and can also tie up large amounts of system resources. Mass mailings of jokes or whatever are best sent to individual friends. If you t hink people may be interested, send a short message to the list asking who would like to receive the email privately.
More may be coming...

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