Nova Scotia Federation of Community Networks

Last Updated March 30, 1996


In these by-laws, unless something in the subject or context is inconsistent therewith


  1. The NSFCN is a Federation of duly consitituted community net organizations in the Province of Nova Scotia

  2. To be eligible to join the Federation the Community Net organization must be:
  3. Any community net organization wishing to join the Federation will apply in writing to the secretary.

  4. Each member organization of the Federation will be eligible to designate two people to represent it and to act on its behalf in carrying out the business of the Federation. These appointees shall be known as the Directors of the Federation.

  5. Membership in the Federation will cease upon written notice from the member organization or upon the dissolution of the organization or upon the reneging of the organization on any of the membership criteria.

Fiscal Year

  1. The fiscal year of the Federation shall be the period January 1 in any year to January 1 in the following year.


  1. The annual general meeting of the Federation shall be held within four months after the end of each fiscal year.

  2. At least three weeks notice of a meeting specifying the place, day, and hour of the meeting and, in the case of special business, the nature of such business, shall be given members. Notice shall be in writing.

    Notice may be given by:
  3. Business to be conducted at the annual general meeting.

  4. No business shall be transacted at any meeting unless a quarum of members is present at the commencement of such business and such quorum shall consist of representation from 50% of the communities plus one. (Quorum is based on the number of communities present not the number of directors).

  5. Business at the Annual General Meeting.

  6. Business at the Annual General Meeting.

  7. Business at the Annual General Meeting.

  8. Business at the Annual General Meeting.

  9. The federation shall meet at least two times each year and as often as determined by the Directors.

  10. Notice of all meetings shall be that required for the Annual Meeting.

Votes Of Member Organizations

  1. Every member organization shall have one vote.


  1. The officers of the Federation shall be the Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and secretary. The officers shall be elected by the Member Organizations from among the directors at the Annual Meeting.

  2. Duties of Officers

  3. Duties of Officers

  4. Duties of Officers


    Each member organization shall be eligible to appoint two directors to the Federation. The appointment shall be for a term of one year. The member organization is able to re-appoint Directors for additional terms.

Powers of Directors

  1. The management of the activities of the Federation shall be vested in the Directors who, in addition to the powers and authority of these by-laws or otherwise expressly conferred upon them, may exercise all such powers and do all such things as may be exercised or done by the Federation.

    In particular, the Directors shall have power to engage employees and to determine their duties and responsibilities and their remuneration. The Directors may appoint an executive committee, consisting of the Officers and such other persons as the Directors decide. The Directors may delegate any or all of these powers by resolution of the Directors to such committees of members as the Directors may strike from time to time.


Repeal and Amendment of By-Laws


  1. Contracts, deeds, bills of exchange and other instruments and documents may be executed on behalf of the Federation by the Chair or Vice-Chair, Treasurer, or Secretary.

  2. The borrowing powers of the Federation may be exercised by the Directors.

  3. Meetings shall follow procedures as prescribed in Roberts Rules of Order.