Chebucto at the Halifax G7 Summit

The Halifax G7 Summit was a hectic and exciting time for Chebucto Community Net, full of last minute deadlines and production schedules. From the outset, we viewed it as an opportunity not only to help Halifax make the best possible impression, but also to strengthen our own position in the community.

Our most visible participation was through the provision of the Official Web Site for the Summit through coordination among three levels of government -- city, province and federal. Matthew Wulfman provided most of the day-to-day support on the Chebucto side, maintaining an events schedule, incoming press releases, and pointers to related World Wide Web sites. Our G7 coverage proved very popular with 59,000 accesses in total, 20,000 from CCN and 39,000 from other sites. People from 3,070 different sites in 40 countries took the opportunity to visit. These people clearly took the opportunity to take some "side trips" as daily accesses to our home page nearly doubled during this period.

The second major G7 project with Chebucto involvement was the Super Nova Media Cafe at the Media Centre. This was a room in the Media Centre at the World Trade and Convention Centre equipped with 16 PCs running a graphical World Wide Web browser. Other partners in this project were MT&T, GE Capitol, Halifax Herald, Dalhousie and NSTN. The Media Centre was a secure area, so the 30 CCN volunteers who staffed the facility round the clock for 6 days had to be accredited which involved passing a security check. Carole Compton-Smith, Chebucto's Volunteer Coordinator, ably managed this last-minute activity. Chebucto was responsible for the software configuration, a task done mostly by David Benoit under the employ of Dalhousie Computing Science. We also set up 4,000 accounts on CCN for the media delegates. Their positive comments were echoed by Michael Smith, of MT&T Market Development:

" was a vital part of the bigger picture in establishing Halifax as a modern, friendly, and progressive city, and Nova Scotia as a province worth considering favourably, whether as a tourist, business-person, or media writer.

Our hats are off at MT&T for the effort put forward by the CCN. Well done!"

I think it is fair to say that our G7 participation met our goals of promotion of our community and reinforcing our status as a community-leading institution.

David Trueman


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