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The copyright act will be on-line on our site but not for a month or so. Industry Canada has a site that concerns copyright and it is at:

If you do a Yahoo search with "agahtan" some good sites will be revealed (Allan Gahtan is a lawyer who has done a great deal to put copyright info on-line).

Industry Canada also has a very helpful booklet on copyright called "A Guide to Copyrights" If you call them at (819) 953-1075, they will send you a copy.

Good Luck

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I'm writing an article for the Chebucto Community Net about 
copyright but so far I couldn't find any on-line reference to the 
canadian copyright act. Every reference I came across is from the U.S.. 
You're my only reference from Canada, I realize your site is under 
construction but I would appreciate if you could point me in the right 
direction at least.

Do you know of any site where I can find the canadian copyright act?

Do you know if it follows the U.S. act in the sense that you don't need 
to state your copyright in your work, it's implicit?

Thanks for any help

Carlos Freitas

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