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Standard Pages
Have you noticed how our pages are looking similar now? The Culture, Religion and Philosophy page underwent a major design overhaul to follow CCN's evolving page standards and now all of our pages have a common format.
As with any other WWW project, our work will never be finished, but we're trying to make it easier for our users to find the information and allow for a quick identification of a CCN page on the Web.
Thanks to Ben Armstrong, who is spearheading the project, and all our editors who took the challenge.
We would like to know how you liked the changes.
Wayne's Away
By the time you read this, Wayne Grosko, our editor for "News and Events" and "Community Support" will already left his virtual chair for a trip to the Pacific. The hard life of an oceanographer ...
He'll be back, eventually, after trekking New Zealand (knowing Wayne, I think he will criss-cross the island).
Until Wayne returns, Ben Armstrong and Tony Cianfaglione have agreed to share his editing responsibilities.
Apprentice Editors
Which reminds me, we are looking for apprentice editors to assist our CCN editors. You need to know HTML, know the WWW on a first name basis, and most importantly, work hard and for free!
But seriously, we need more people. Knowledge of HTML and the Web is obviously a must, but you don't need to be a web-master@ to apply. A desire to learn is far more important.
You can contact any of the editors directly for the area which interests you.
An Acronym by Any Other Name ... (thanks, Gerard)
There seems to be some confusion with acronyms well known within our group, but not so widely known by others. For example, an IP is an Information Provider. IP's are simply an abstract term to refer to the people or organizations who have signed the IP agreement. The people who do the on-line editing are called, appropriately enough, IP editors (IPE, for short). Any IP can have one or more editors. We actually think every IP should have at least 2 IPEs, see below.
All Information Providers are assigned their own unique mail alias. Every e-mail sent to an IP mail alias (ip-ip_name_here@ccn·cs·dal·ca) will actually be forwarded to all editors assigned to that group. That's how the comment facility works. If you're using Lynx you can always press 'c' to send a comment to the owner of the page you're reading.
Share with your friends
Chebucto Suite software is designed to enable you to share the workload among members of your organization. Even if you are not part of a formal organization, other Chebucto Users can become part of your "IP organization" and help out with the on-line editing chores. A dynamic Web Site undergoes constant change and it can be a significant burden for any one person.
That's it for this month. Next month, something completely different - meaning, I don't have a clue what I'm going to write about! What should we talk about next month? Do you have a suggestion? Please, send it to us.



As always, this issue of the IP Corner had a lot of help to be produced.
Thanks to Ben, Chris and Gerard for ideas and editing.


is edited by Ben Armstrong
who is happy to receive Questions, Comments or Suggestions.
If your browser does not support mail, write to Ben later at aa458@ccn·cs·dal·ca.

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