New Provider for CCN!

MetroCAN welcomes ISIS

On the 10th of October the agreement between MetroCAN and NSTN expired and we began a new relationship with a new internet provider. ISIS Inc. was the winner of the tendering process and is now providing us with a high speed connection from Dalhousie, to the ISIS offices, out to the internet at large.

We at MetroCAN as well as the people at ISIS are very excited about the new deal and ready to work together to serve both of our interests. On the plus side, CCN no longer shares bandwidth with the entire Dalhousie community at the local level. On the minus side, there is a marginally slower connection to the internet from the ISIS machines.

More board movement

This author was relieved recently to find part-time employment after a long dry spell. The cost to MetroCAN is that my hours dictate that I can no longer serve as secretary of the MetroCAN board. My resignation was submitted a few weeks ago. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to be present at the birth of a new online community in Halifax.

The people sitting on the board are energetic, dedicated, and focused individuals and it has been a pleasure to know them. There will be no shortage of individuals to take up the slack, however. Plans were already rolling as of my resignation to bring in one, perhaps two, new directors to work with the board in the time leading up to the next annual general meeting.

Mr. Trueman goes to Washington(ok, Halifax)

The Nova Scotia legislature's all party committee on economic renewal recently invited several members of the provinces community networking elite to attend a meeting in Halifax. David Trueman represented MetroCAN. There were also representatives from CBNet, and the Nova Scotia Federation of Community Networks. David reports that our presentation was well received by the committee, and that we were able to make progress on co-operation with Cape Breton and the Federation representatives.

Time for another Forum

Back in the springtime the MetroCAN society members met on an informal basis with most of the board members in a membership forum held at the Dartmouth library. It was a productive and informative meeting with some presentations on navigating and using the Community Net, as well as a question and answer session for the benefit of new and experienced users.

The board is thinking that the time has come for another face to face with members of the Society. Several issues have taken up considerable discussion time with the directors and the feeling is that in order to make proper decisions on strategic directions for CCN, the members feelings must be made known. The date of the next forum has not been set but we hope it will come before the Christmas season gets us all thinking of something else(mmmmmm…turkey!)


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