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For this month, and this month only, the column is being written (and edited) by Ming Yu because Matthew Macdonald (a good friend of mine) is busy doing homework and QETV. Anyway, since Matthew has written about youth censorship, movies and IRC (Internet Relay Chat) in the last few months, I thought I'd write a column on interesting and/or cool URLs (Uniform Resource Locator. Computer speak for an address on the internet) for Youths. Some of these links can be found at my online bookmarks which has over 130 links that you can go to.

Online Books

Hackers are really just big packrats, they're usually harmless and they just want to collect information. The Hacker Crackdown is an online book about hackers and the things they've done.
The Introduction to the WWW is a little document for newbies on the internet and how to use it.
Macworld Magazine is a Macintosh magazine that just went online. The page needs you to register (by doing their survey) before being able to access the software libararies and articles. The magazine doesn't seem to be very Lynx friendly but you can just login as "guest" and type in guest as the password and you'll have complete access to the site.
You want more online magazines you say? well, here's two more, Ziff-Davis Publishing, a link to the Ziff-Davis publishing company, has links to the magazines they publish,(MacUser, PCUser etc.) the other is Byte magazine a magazine written mainly about PCs and some macs.

Cool Companies

Since I use a mac (like Matthew), you probably guessed that I'd mention Apple Computer. Apple computer is one of the largest computer companys in the world and has sold more RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computing) based machines (Powermacs) than all of the other RISC computer companies put together! Apple's homepage is very well designed but it's usually busy.
The Mac Warehouse is a place where you can look at the stuff this store is selling and you can get demo programs as soon as you fill out a survey.


Two weeks ago I did two projects on volleyball and field hockey for gym, I had to get a lot of pictures for my project so I went to Yahoo for some links to volleyball pictures. Yahoo is a database with hundreds of thousands of links to other sites. You can use Yahoo to search for specific sites by going to the search link there or, you can just browse around in their databases looking for interesting links. Then, I went to two more sites because net searching can't be complete until you pay a visit to The Library of Congress or Webcrawler. Webcrawler is a database like Yahoo but Webcrawler has a different searching method and is a lot simpler than Yahoo's searching method.


After watching a great episode of Star Trek: Voyager you probably still want more Star Trek, so go to the official Star Trek: Voyager homepage. The page is one of the better homepages I seen so far (well, what do ya expect from pros down at Paramount?). The site is best seen under a graphical connection. The page will still look good under a text connection but it won't be as fancy. I suggest you check this site out even if you don't like Star Trek.
The Fox Network is a tv station in Rochester. The site has information on the new shows that came out this season. You can get AVI or Quicktime movies of shows like Space: Above and Beyond and other new tv shows. If you live in Halifax and have extended cable Fox is channel 36.

Cool Places

The NASA List is a page with tons of links to different parts of NASA.
If you ever wish to relax, go to the Classical Music page. You might not like classical music very much but it's still worth a try. Here's a place closer to home, the CCN Youth page is a page dedicated to the CCN Youth discussion group at CCN Youth. Wondering what to do next? well you can always go to the Cool Links page, which has many links that are interesting yet weird. If you're a Jays fan, you can go to the Unofficial Blue Jays Homepage, where you'll find information on the the Toronto Blue Jays, check it out!


If you're a mac user like me 8-), you probably want to find a link were you can search for a specific file inside a huge archive or you might want to look at the newest shareware on the net. The Info-Mac's Newest Files page has the latest shareware and a search engine for searching the gargantuan archives of the info-mac. The page also has a summary of the latest uploads in the last two days. Of course, if you use an IBM ::-), you can go to the MS-DOS file archive or the Windows 3.1 section of the University of Oakland.

Well, I guess that's it. I enjoyed writing this column and I hope you like it. Next month Matthew will be back in his virtual soapbox and give his opinions on youth related issues. 8-)


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