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Greetings Fellow Surfers. Please let me take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and all the best in 1996.

Spencer House Seniors' Centre is busy expanding its network of computer equipment, and internet services. Last spring we became a public access terminal for the Chebucto Community Net utilizing one donated computer from the Canadian Coast Guard. We have been very fortunate in receiving a brand new computer system, complete with modem from Computer Annex, 958 Cole Harbour Road, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, B2V 1E6. Gary Tower of Computer Annex is please to loan us this system and can be reached by telephone at (902) 434-4424, or fax (902) 435-4133. We look forward to working with Gary in the new year and will be implementing a few new computer courses at Spencer House, Introduction To Computers," and Internet Etiquette." These workshops should start in January.

In addition to our new system we have been graciously donated a computer system from The Technology Recycling Steering Committee of Nova Scotia. This computer should be set up once we have located a donor for a separate telephone line. Thanks to Michael Nicksy, and The Technology Steering Committee.

The good new does not stop here! What computer system would be complete with out full access to the world wide web? Spencer House has also been donated an account through Internet Passport Services Inc. This means we can now offer you a full range of internet access, including Windows and Netscape.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our sponsors and volunteers. It is very encouraging to receive such support from the business community, and our volunteers.. We truly appreciate their partnerships and look forward to working with them to provide seniors with ongoing access to the information highway.

Spencer House Seniors' Activity Centre is open Monday through Friday 9am- 4:40pm, and Saturdays 1Oam-4:30pm. Older adults aged 55 plus are welcome to drop in and use our public access terminals. We have dedicated volunteers who provide workshops, and ongoing support each Wednesday from 10am - 2pm. Workshops are held the third Wednesday of the month. December workshop is "Introduction To Windows." Please register in advance by calling (902) 421-6131.

I am pleased to announce Spencer House in conjunction with Heart Health Nova Scotia, and the Canadian Cancer Society, Nova Scotia Branch are launching a new "Stop Smoking Program" for women. This ten week program/support group will begin Tuesday, December 12th and run Tuesdays, and Thursdays for ten weeks. The group is open to all ages of women. For Spencer House members there is no fee, non-members fee is only $8.00. The program was developed for women but we hope to adapt it for men if you are interested. Please call (902) 421-6131 for more info.

Osteoporosis (thinning of the bones) is common in older men and women It can lead to fractures of the hip and spine. It is important that women who have osteoporosis have enough calcium and vitamin D in their diet. Anew medication called ALXI-11 is equivalent to parathyroid hormone (a natural hormone that controls calcium. Research studies in animals and people have shown that such medicines can increase bone density. If you are: a female between the ages of 50 and 75; not currently taking estrogen, and at lease 5 years post-menopausal, you may be eligible to participate in the study taking place at Camp Hill Hospital. For more information please call (902) 496-3258.

Before I end this edition of Seniors Corner I would like to once again thank all of you who have made our public access terminal location such a success. Especially Gary Floyd and David Murdoch who has worked "behind the scenes" to make this site possible.

Well, that is all my news for this month. Thank you for reading Seniors Corner in 1995. appreciate your comments and suggestions, and look forward to receiving them in 1996. My e-mail address is afO88@ccn·cs·dal·ca. Please remember you are welcome to drop into Spencer House during our opening hours. A hot lunch is served Monday through Friday at noon. Reservations are not necessary, and the menu changes monthly.


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