Friends On-Line

First of all, I would like to thank Ming Yu for writing last month's column for me (and you). I think he did an excellent job on it!

This month I decided to do something different for my Youth Corner column. In conjunction with an article I am writing for The Lion's Tale, our school newspaper at Queen Elizabeth High School, I have decided to focus my efforts on reviewing three of the more popular homepages on the Internet. Unfourtunately, I used Netscape mostly to review these sites, although they are all accessible from the Chebucto Community Net.

Although I have not been able to find any verifiably "official" material, I did find two homepages and concerning the "Friends" television sitcom series, a nd another very elaborate Green Day homepage First of all, I think if the above interests you even in the least, a visit to any or all of these pag es would most certainly prove fruitfull - despite what I might have to say about them.

To begin with, I liked the "Friends" homepages more than I liked the Green Day homepage, possibly because I am not a great fan of the latter. However, from a design point of view, all three pages were equally well composed. Both "Friends" homepages offer many interesting options, including the "Friends' FAQ," lists of "Friends" related newsgroups, mailing lists, and mechandise to purchase, as well as numerous sound clips (I downloaded the theme music for "Friends" from and the quality was fantastic!)

Unfourtunately, both "Friends" homepages are very graphics-intensive, and if you use a browser like Netscape 1.2 (which you can't use on the CCN, unfourtunately) the pages may take more than five minutes to load (you shouldn't have this problem on the Chebucto Community Net, though ;-). On a positive note, however, there is a text-only version of one of the homepages at that nicely satisfies connections slower than 9600bps (and, of course, doesn't make any difference on the CCN - You ha ve to remember that I'm also writing this for people at my school who may not be on the CCN).

If you don't have time to sift through the seemingly endless collection of "Friends" resources, you might simply want to try the sound-clip and "Friends' Quote's" page if you have a Mac or a PC with a good sound-card.

Now that that's finished with, I must acknoledge the Green Day homepage as mentioned above. It too has a lot to offer, including song lyrics, concert dates, and information about the fan club and the Usenet newsgroup For the true Green Day fan, however, perhaps th e Green Day Discography page would do the trick. Either way, I'm sure everyone will certainly be able to find something of interest there.

One thing I liked about this page was that, unlike the two "Friends" pages, this one seems to load almost instantly because it doesn't have so many large images and funky backgrounds (at least for the first part). Altogether, though, I would say that all of these pages deserve to be comended!

Now then, before I go, since the Holiday Season is fast approaching us, you might want to check out my new Holiday Homepage which I have been working on for the past month or so. It looks best with Netscape 1.2, but also works well on the CCN. Enjoy! ;-)

Well, that I guess pretty well summerizes this month's column. I hope you are just as pleased with it as I am ;-)

As always, I am open to URL suggestions for future articles. If you know of a certain Website I may have overlooked, or a topic you would like discussed, please let me know. As it stands, I am going to talk about "teen hackers" next month. For this next article, I am looking for reader input, so please take the initiative and let me know of anything you think is relevant to this subject. Are you a "teen hacker?" Would others aggree? What defines "hacker?" Do you think "hacking" as you define it is moral? Have you ever been the victim of a "hack-attack?" Anything you think should be included in my next Youth Corner column.


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