Using the TIN newsreader

If you've ever tried to use TIN, CCN's Usenet news interface, you probably know that it isn't the easiest program in the world to use. This month I'll try and clear up some of the common problems and misunderstandings.

A Little Bit About Usenet News

The Usenet News system could be compared to the classified ads in a news paper. When you start TIN, you will see a list of newsgroups, similar to the different sections (auto, employment, personals) in the classified ads. Each newsgroup contains discussion on a different topics, and there is a very wide range of subjects, from hot topics on CCN, to Nintendo Video Game tips, to discussion on land surveying. When you post to a group, you are posting to a place where just about anyone can see it, and the therefore this is a good method of reaching a large amount of people.

Starting TIN

To start TIN, just type "gnews" (without the quotes) and press Enter/Return or choose this link here.

Seeing All the Newsgroups

The first time you start TIN, you'll only see a few news groups. To see all the news group, press the Y key, which will (Y)ank in all the newsgroups. After you press Y you will see a very long list.

Reading the Messages

First, scroll down to a group that you want to read messages from, and press Enter or Return. You will see a list of messages. You can navigate the messages just as in PINE, press Enter to view a message, D to delete it, N to go to the next message, P to go to the previous message.


To reply to a message, press R when you are either viewing a message, or when the cursor is on top of a message. Leave the heading as is and type in your reply. Press Control+X when you are finished. You will be asked to review your message, and then either send it, cancel the message, or return to the editing screen.

To create a new message, go into the group you want to place the message in, and press C. Leave the heading as is, and type your message in the body. When you're finished press Control+X. You will be asked to review the message and then send it, cancel the message, or return to the editing screen.

Subscribing to a Group

When you find a group that you are interested in, you can subscribe to it. Subscribing simply means that the group you subscribed to will appear on the small list that you see when you start TIN, and nothing more. To subscribe to a group, simply place the cursor on the group and press S.

To see a list of groups that you are currently subscribed to, press Y again. The small list of groups that you see are the groups that you are subscribed to.

If you decide that you want to un-subscribe from a group, move the cursor down to the group and press U.

Exiting TIN

When you are through with TIN press Q. You will be returned to wherever you where when you started TIN.

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