Power Links

Here are some WWW sites that I've found that may be of interest to Power Users.

Sun's Java Homepage
Learn about Java, the interactive programming language for the Web. An example of a use for Java applets would be a custom spreadsheet included in a WWW site. After entering data into the spreadsheet, the Java applet (running on your system) might analyse the data and display a piechart.
Useless WWW Pages
If you're reading this column, you must be killing time. Why not do it while reviewing a 30K CD collection or Pi to one million digits?
CA*Net / NSFnet information
Find out more about Canada's portion of the Internet, as well as the now-mostly-defunct National Science Foundation backbone in the US.
c|net online
c|net online contains a wealth of computing information. Unfortunately, it's dreadfully hard to navigate from Lynx. It also has an Apple ad at the top, but we won't hold that against them. %-)
NCSA's CGI documentation
Maintained by the creators of the NCSA Mosaic browser, this page contains some useful information for anyone who is interested in writing CGI scripts or using them in Web pages.
WWW Virtual Library of Computing at Sun SITE Northern Europe
This page is an index of computing information online. Here you'll find dictionaries, libraries, objects of nostalgia, and more!
On-line Books
The On-line Books page, maintained by, contains references to many classics available on the Internet.
Drool, the Online Adventure
You're a Great Dane. An eight-year-old steals your stick. What are you going to do about it?
Comprehensive Guide to alt.* Group Creation
Instructions on how to go about creating a new newsgroup in the alt.* hierarchy can be found here. Unfortunately, you'll have to go elsewhere to find the actual technical details of sending out a "control" message, but life needs to be kept interesting, enh?
Internet Accessible Machines
Have you ever wanted to find out how much Pepsi is left in the Coke machine at CMU? Well, now you can.
Deep Site of the Day
Tired of the usual "Cool" listings? The sites listed here are thought-provoking, sometimes in a slightly twisted way. The editor inserts a snide comment from time to time, but all in all this site is an interesting way to kill an hour or two.
Windows 95 Internet HQ
This is a rich source of step-by-step instruction and software for Microsoft's "new" operating system.
Macintosh Advocacy Page
Anti-Bill-Gates paranoia and other interesting information can be found here. It's also a good source for Macintosh information and Frequently Asked Questions files.

I hope that you'll get some information out of these sites. To a greater extent, I hope that you'll click here and take a ten-minute nap. Rest is very important while Web-browsing, after all.


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