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Some of these tips are taken from the help-answers archives.


Address Book Download

A common question is a way to download one's Pine addressbook. There is a simple method:

  1. While logged into your CCN account, go to file:///~/.addressbook . This takes you to the hidden addressbook file stored in your home directory.
  2. Press e to bring up the Pico editor on the addressbook.
  3. Press CTRL + O (WriteOut) and save the file as addr (or any other name that you prefer...)
  4. Now, exit Pico with CTRL + X.
  5. [go files]. The new file (addr) should be in the directory. Select it and download, then remove it from your Chebucto account.

Tin Configuration Trim

Every time that you post or reply to an article in the tin newsreader, a record is kept (and accessed via the capital W command in tin). After a few years this record can start to use up quite a bit of your quota... Here's how to trim it down to size:

  1. From your CCN account, go to file:///~/.tin. This is a hidden directory below your home directory containing tin configuration details.
  2. The file that you are looking for is called "posted". Highlight it and r)emove it.
  3. By the way, this directory also contains the file "tinrc", which contains editable configuration information such as follow-up quoting characters and the line that is displayed before the quoting (e.g. "abcd@fgh.com wrote:". Edit these at your own risk -- I have done so to no ill effect.

Email Inbox Download

Go to file:///var/spool/mail/zz999, where zz999 is your Chebucto login id. This will bring you to your email inbox. From here you can use the p)rint function to save the file to your home directory, and then [go files] and download it to your computer.

Useful Web Resources

Sandia National Laboratories maintains a comprehensive HTML tag reference.

The InterNIC Whois Service can be used to find information about Internet domain names and their owners.

For information on specific hosts instead of entire domains, try IP Address to Host Name and Vice Versa.

For information on how sheep relate to lycra, try StupidQuest. %-)


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