Looking To Help?


CCN Canvass

         Can you mail a letter or use a telephone? CCN is conducting a canvass and urgently needs your help. Find out more here. It'll do your karma good and cost you nothing to check out. See you there!


CCN Tech

         The CCN Technical Team is on the lookout for new members. Find out more here. To say that this is important is to say that electricity is useful to a light bulb.


Opportunity for Growth!

         The CCN Beacon is in need of writers, columnists and graphics designers. Your reward is a credit which will last the ages, the knowledge that hundreds of people will read your words and the experience - an opportunity for growth. Send in a small sample of your work or URL to au141@chebucto.ns.ca.

         We need a couple of our regular column spots filled, and perhaps start up some new ones. Ideas for feature articles as well as writers wishing to 'freelance' writing them are more than welcome as are graphics people to help illustrate. Write in for more information.



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