From: Chebucto Community Net
Date: 12 January 2005
Subject: Chebucto members: could you help lead?

Dear fellow member of Chebucto:

I hope 2005 started happily for you and will continue so throughout the

I have some recent news to share with you. Within the past several months,
two members of your Board of Directors have resigned due to the pressure
of other responsibilities. Reg Hody and Chris Watt had both served on the
Board for several years. Chris had also served as a member of the
executive and a signing officer of the Society. Both were elected to the
Board at the 2004 Annual General Meeting for a two-year term. We now have
the task of finding volunteers to complete their terms and, since our
By-laws require that all directors be members in good standing of the
Society, it is appropriate that we address our attention first to you, the
members of our Chebucto family.

The Board of Directors is the governing body of the Chebucto Community Net
Society, charged with the management of all its affairs. It meets on the
first Thursday of each month and directors are also expected to involve
themselves in the work of at least one of our five standing committees:
External, Finance, Internal, Policy and Technical.

I have found, through my own involvement with Chebucto, that many people
are intimidated at the idea of joining the Board, assuming -quite
wrongly- that directors must have a very high degree of technical
knowledge. Some of our directors undoubtedly do possess such knowledge and
Chebucto is richer for it. But many other kinds of abilities and expertise
are of equal importance, among them experience and interest in such areas
as public relations and marketing, planning and management of special
events, outreach to community groups, assistance with office tasks and
many more.

What skills or talents could you bring to Chebucto? Have you some time to
provide, through membership on the Board, the leadership we need to
ensure Chebucto's ability to provide a much needed service to our

If your answer is "Yes, I'd like to help" I invite you to contact us,
sending a brief outline of your interests and relevant experience to
office @

Chebucto badly needs the commitment of its volunteers to help guide the
Society now and in the future. If you can be one of them, we want to hear
from you.

With best wishes,

Marilyn MacDonald
Chair, Board of Directors
Chebucto Community Net Society