Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2007 17:24:11 -0400 (AST)
From: Chebucto Community Net <office at>
Subject: Important news from Chebucto Community Net!

*** Important news on the new Chebucto mail system below. ***

Dear Chebucto Member,

Well, Spring is here again and with it the Chebucto Annual General Meeting
which will be held at the same location as last year in Room 1020 in the
Ken Rowe Building, 6100 University Ave at 7:00pm on Thursday, April 12th.
This is an advance invitation and the official notice will follow.  The
Board is particularly interested in a good turn-out for this meeting as we
are at a critical stage in our development.

As you are aware a year ago we announced our intention to introduce a
Wireless Service.  While this is still our goal, our plan has been
temporarily slowed down due to the serious onslaught of spam that all
Internet Services have experienced.  Ed Dyer, our Technical Chair and our
one technical staff person, Johnathan Thibodeau, have had to concentrate
their efforts on this problem.  To give you a sense of the effect of this
- a year ago Chebucto had one server devoted to spam filtering - we now
have four.

On the positive side we are now ready to launch our expanded mail box
service which many of you have been requesting and in spite of our
difficulties work is proceeding on the Wireless Service.  We will have
more to say about this at the AGM.

We are especially hoping to have a good turn-out on April 12th as we
intend to seek your input on the methods we can use to retain existing
members and attract new ones.  We are hoping for more individual users as
well as organizations.

I am looking forward to seeing you at the AGM,

Bernie Hart
Chebucto Community Net


Information on the new Chebucto mail system

Chebucto mail will be unavailable late Saturday night March 24th starting
near midnight for several hours to allow us to set up the new expanded
mail system. All other Chebucto services including Chebucto Plus dialup
access will be running normally.

There will be a number of differences between the new mail system and the
old mail system.

Mailbox sizes will be increasing:

Category:                Present size:                    New Size:

Chebucto Plus                4 MB                            1 GB  (1,024

Neighbourhood Account        4 MB                            1 GB  (1,024

Supporting                   2 MB                          512 MB

Full                         1.5 MB                        150 MB

Free/Assisted                0.5 MB                         50 MB

The new larger mail quotas will now include all mail folders. Previously
mail quota measured the inbox only. Access to mail folders in your
Chebucto account on the Chebucto server will now only be available through
our Webmail service, PINE on Chebucto's text service and through IMAP. It
will no longer be possible to access mail folders through FTP or using the
g)o files shortcut on Chebucto's text service.

After the new mail system is in place Sunday it will be possible to log in
and check Chebucto mail through different methods at the same time without
the risk of corrupting the mailbox.

Users of PINE on Chebucto's text service will see an introduction page to
the new updated version of PINE the first time they login after the

Since we are increasing the size of mailboxes it will now be possible to
receive much larger emails than before. Chebucto's mail system will allow
incoming email messages up to 50 MB in size. Users who download their
mail from Chebucto using POP3 should be advised that they can check their
mail through the Webmail service to see if there are any especially large
messages before downloading them.

Spam filtering preferences options have now changed to Spam Filtering ON
and Spam Filtering OFF. With Spam Filtering OFF, all incoming mail goes to
the account inbox. With Spam Filtering ON, all mail tagged as spam will go
to a JUNKMAIL folder where it will be automatically deleted after 30 days.
Mail in the Trash folder will also be automatically deleted after 30 days.

While we anticipate no problems with the changeover to the new mail
system, users who do run into any issues with the new mail system should
contact the Chebucto Community Net office at or by
phone (902) 494-2449 1 PM to 5 PM Monday through Friday.


Nominations for Chebucto Community Net Board of Directors

We are looking for nominations for Directors of the Chebucto Community Net
Board. Nominees must be members in good standing of the Chebucto Community
Net. Directors serve a two year term and are required to attend Board
meetings (currently held once a month).

Technical knowledge is NOT required.

The Board of Directors are volunteers charged with overseeing the
operations of the Chebucto Community Net.

Interested parties should bring a short biography with them to the Annual
General Meeting.