Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2008 18:20:50 -0400 (AST)
From: Chebucto Community Net Office <>
Subject: Request to Chebucto members

To all Chebucto Community Net members:

Unlike other Internet Providers, Chebucto Community Net is operated by and
for its members. Our mission is to ensure everyone has access to the
information highway and to provide a vehicle to support community
development. Over 150 organizations have their web sites on Chebucto as
well as a number of small businesses. You may be interested to learn
that Halifax City had its initial web site on CCN as did Metro Transit,
United Way and the Chronicle Herald.

Chebucto is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors elected by you, the
members, at the Annual General Meeting to be held this year on Wednesday,
April 23rd at 7:30pm at Spencer House, 5596 Morris St.

At this time we are seeking nominees for the Board. Please bear in mind
you do not have to have technical skills - Chebucto is first and foremost
a community resource not a technology centre - however, technical skills
are certainly a welcome plus. It is critical that people come forward to
provide the support and leadership required to maintain this valuable
community resource.

The most important attributes you can bring are a concern for Chebucto and
a willingness to work to see it grow. Board members are expected to
attend monthly meetings and to serve on at least one sub-committee of
their choosing.

We ask that anyone interested in serving provide the following



     Number of years as a member of Chebucto:

     Areas of interest and expertise you feel would benefit Chebucto:

     Previous related experience with other organizations:

If you would like an opportunity to discuss this before making a final
decision, please respond to this e-mail with your name and phone number
and we would be pleased to address your questions or concerns.
In conclusion I would like to say it is rare that Board members do not
find their experience interesting and rewarding.

Yours truly,

Bernie Hart

Chair, Chebucto Community Net

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