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Updated: 11 February 1999

System Load and Packet Loss Problems Mystery

         The all-volunteer CCN-Tech team continues to investigate the mysterious high system loads and packet losses that have been plaguing CCN lately. There is still no clear information on what has been happening.

         An ongoing problem with a renegade process has been making weekly reboots of the system a necessity to clear the disk space the growing process consumes, but whether this has anything to do with recent system problems is still unclear. CCN-Tech volunteers have been actively investigating all leads in consultation with other system administrators and have been attempting to recreate the problem on the old CCN machine to try and see what could be going on.

Chebucto Plus Phase In Continues!

         The Chebucto Community Net's new graphical PPP service, Chebucto Plus, continues its phase in with groups of current members being contacted by email. They were offered the opportunity to upgrade their membership to the Sustaining Member level required for Chebucto Plus, with the unused balance of their current memberships counting towards the new membership level. A Sustaining Membership is $100 per year. The volunteer Chebucto Plus team wants to build the service slowly to ensure everything runs smoothly for users and will be offering it to more users as our resources allow. Members will continue to be contacted by email when they can be accomodated.

         Details on Chebucto Plus, including system requirements can be found at (note upper case) and information on available help and support for Chebucto Plus can be found at You can read the original news release about Chebucto Plus here.

Old CCN Domain Names Expire!

         The old CCN domain names ccn·cs·dal·ca and cfn·cs·dal·ca are being officially retired at the request of our upstream service provider, the Network Operations Centre at Dalhousie University. All links and bookmarks to pages and addresses on CCN using these names will soon no longer work. Changing these links and addresses to now will ensure trouble-free continuing access to them.

         Work continues on the purging of all references to these outdated addresses from CCN files and documents including User Profiles. Some Chebucto users may be experiencing slower logins as their file directories, addressbooks and web pages are checked for the now outdated domain names when they login. The search is a one time event though users did have to go through the process a second time after the holidays when a log file was accidentally deleted. Users are urged to remove any references to the old domain names and may choose to automate this process if they wish.


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