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Updated: 1 November 1999

Old CCN Domain Names Expired!

         The old CCN domain names ccn·cs·dal·ca and cfn·cs·dal·ca have been officially retired as of 1 November 1999 at the request of our upstream service provider, the Network Operations Centre at Dalhousie University. All links and bookmarks to pages and addresses on CCN using these names will no longer work. Any references to these outdated addresses should be changed to now.

         Some Chebucto users may experience slow logins when their file directories, addressbooks and web pages are checked for the now outdated domain names when they login. This repeat search is a one time event. Users are urged to remove any references to the old domain names and may choose to automate this process if they wish. Anyone receiving notice on logging in that they have files using these names should change them now.

CCN Board meeting Tuesday

         The Board of Directors of the Chebucto Community Net Society will be meeting 6:30 pm Tuesday, 2 November 1999 at the North Branch Public Library, 2285 Gottingen St., Halifax.

         Members of the Chebucto Community Net and other interested parties are welcome to attend.

CCN-Tech Adds Plus lines

         The CCN-Tech team added another six phone lines to the Chebucto Plus graphical based service.

         The new lines will be administered by the newest PortMaster terminal server and will bring the total number of Plus lines to 26.

New quota levels!

         The CCN-Tech team is pleased to announce that quota levels for all new and renewing Full and Family membership accounts will get even more disk space than before: 1500 k of file space quota and 1500 k of mail quota.

         This increase in quota is being slowly phased in as current Full members renew and new Full members are added so as to not cause any disk overloads.


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