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Updated: 12 December 1999

New hard drive installed

         A new 18 Gig SCSI hard drive was installed Saturday 11 December 1999 in the main Chebucto machine, replacing several older, slower drives which have been parcelled out to other Chebucto computers. This new drive should speed up time taken to load Chebucto hosted web pages as well as help make the system run faster.

CCN Board meeting Tuesday

         The Board of Directors of the Chebucto Community Net Society will be meeting 6:30 pm Tuesday, 14 December 1999 at the North Branch Public Library, 2285 Gottingen St., Halifax.

         Members of the Chebucto Community Net and other interested parties are welcome to attend this last meeting of 1999.

CCN-Tech Adds Plus lines

         The CCN-Tech team added another five phone lines to the Chebucto Plus graphical based service.

         The new lines will be administered by the newest PortMaster terminal server and will bring the total number of Plus lines to 31.


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