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Updated: 7 October 2000

More Board resignations

The Chebucto Community Net Society Board of Directors has lost two more members. Vice Chair and Technical Committee Chair David Murdoch and Finance Committee Chair Joyline Makani have both resigned, citing lack of available time and other commitments. David Murdoch is one of the Founding Members of the Chebucto Commmunity Net and plans to continue helping out with technical issues with the Technical Committee.

Word on the Street rained out

This year's Word on the Street literacy festival Sept. 24th was a soaking wet time on Spring Garden Road. The Chebucto Community Net booth, located in the back of one of the festival's large tents was awash in several inches of swift flowing water while torrential rains drenched passers-by. Despite this, the turnout of people was respectable and many of those dropping by the Chebucto booth recorded video greetings for friends and family.

Special thanks have to go to the hard working volunteers who worked without pause from first thing in the morning until suppertime when everything had to be returned. James Carroll, Jeff Warnica, Chris Wood, Johnathan Thibodeau, Chebucto Chairman Sharon Parker, Norman De Forest and Andrew Wright as well as Board members Grace Patterson, Doug McCann, and Krista Olmstead (who also very thoughtfully brought along water and treats) all turned out to help.

September account numbers down

The number of Chebucto user accounts renewing or getting activated in the month of September was down 48% over last September. There were 101 renewals and 23 new accounts activated this year, as compared to 192 renewals and 47 new accounts in September 1999. At the same time however the overall renewal rate of last year's Chebucto accounts has been very good, with 81% of 1999 accounts as of this time last year already having renewed.



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