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Updated: 10 November 2000

Chebucto memory upgrade successful

Tech team volunteers Ed Dyer and Johnathan Thibodeau working on
Chebucto machines A planned memory upgrade to Chebucto's main machines took longer than expected yesterday evening, but was successful in the end. RAM (Random Access Memory) was added to both Halifax and Phoenix in an effort to reduce high system loads. Halifax, a Sun Ultra 1 workstation and the main Chebucto server, now has 448 Megs of RAM and Phoenix, a Sun SparcStation 20 which was Chebucto's original server, now has 224 Megs of RAM.

Users should see faster performance for Chebucto services and web page response times as a result of this upgrade. The memory, which is specially designed for Sun machines, is more expensive than regular computer memory and had to be ordered from the U.S.

Technical Committee Chair Ed Dyer and volunteer Johnathan Thibodeau worked from 6 pm to well after 10 pm making sure that everything was functioning correctly. Some initial configuration problems caused the planned one hour outage to run long.

Board update

The Chebucto Board of Directors' list has been modified yet again with the resignation of Member-At-Large Derek Ferguson due to time constraints. For those keeping score, there have been six Board members resign since the Chebucto Annual General Meeting in April this year.

On a more positive note, Ed Dyer has joined the Board as the Technical Committee Chair and Marilyn MacDonald has accepted the position of Communications Committee Chair, so the Board is back to full strength.

Here's the current Board lineup:

Director               Position
Sharon Parker
Chairman of the Board, CCN
Doug McCann
Vice Chair CCN, Webmaster & Chair:
Information Providers' Committee
James Carroll
Treasurer and Chair:
Finance/Fundraising Committee
Krista Jera Olmstead
Ed Dyer
Technical Committee Chair
Bernie Hart
Chair: External Relations
Marilyn MacDonald
Chair: Communications Committee
Grace Patterson
External Relations Committee
Mark Rushton
Chair: Volunteer Committee
Viola Winstanley
External Relations Committee
Andrew D. Wright
Chair: Policy Committee
Hugh Wright
Ex-officio Member & advisor to
Policy Committee



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