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Updated: 16 January 2001

Chebucto Account Renewals Up

A record 80% of existing Chebucto account holders renewed their accounts in 2000, up 14% from the previous high water mark of 66%, according to year-end figures. The graphical Chebucto Plus service showed similar staying power in its second full year of operation, with 75% of 1999 accounts returning for another year.

Hard disk problems continue

Chebucto text users using Pine for their email have been experiencing intermittent error messages such as "No space left on device" due to a flaky hard drive on our system. Two replacement drives were ordered but there has been some difficulty in their configuration. The Chebucto Technical Committee is working on the problem.

Virus hits Chebucto users

The W95 Hybrid worm has been hitting Chebucto users for the last month. The worm, disguised as variously named attachments in an email called Snowhite and the Seven Dwarfs - The REAL story! poses no danger to Chebucto text users so long as they do not save and download the attachment to their home computers, but is a danger to any graphical user.

The W95 Hybrid worm scans all internet traffic for email addresses then sends itself to them. It also updates itself from the internet. It corrupts the Windows file WSOCK32.DLL and writes itself to compressed .EXE files within .ZIP files. Prevention consists in having a good anti-virus program with recent virus definitions and scanning any email attachment before opening it. Cure consists of removing the infected computer from the internet and using an anti-virus program to scan the computer for infected files. The WSOCK32.DLL file can be replaced from the Windows installation CD, but infected .ZIP files will have to be deleted.

For more information, Chebucto UserHelp Team Leader Norman De Forest has compiled an excellent Anti Virus resource page.

Chebucto gets a new domain name!

Chebucto has acquired the new domain name This new name can be used for web page addresses on Chebucto as well as email addresses on Chebucto. The existing domain name will still work for both web page addresses and email addresses and there is no plan to discontinue it.

Changes in the way that .Ca (Canadian) domain names are registered opened up the option for existing provincial domain name holders to upgrade to the higher level national domain name. Re-registering all .Ca domain names is mandatory for all .Ca domain name holders.

Board update

The Chebucto Board of Directors' state of flux continues with the resignations of Chebucto Chairman Sharon Parker and Secretary Krista Olmstead. Eight Board members have resigned since the last Chebucto Annual General Meeting in April 2000.

On a more positive note, Chris Watt has joined the Chebucto Board, taking on the role of Treasurer of the Chebucto Communiy Net Society. James Carroll has moved to Secretary.

Here's the current Board lineup:

Director               Position
Doug McCann
Chair CCN, Chair: Information Providers' Committee and Webmaster
Marilyn MacDonald
Vice Chair CCN, Chair: Communications Committee
Chris Watt
Treasurer and Chair: Finance Committee
James Carroll
Edward Dyer
Chair: Technical Committee and Operations Manager
Bernie Hart
Chair: External Relations Committee
Grace Paterson
External Relations Committee
Mark Rushton
Chair: Volunteer Committee
Viola Winstanley
External Relations Committee
Andrew D. Wright
Chair: Policy Committee
Sharon Parker
Ex-officio Member & Past Chair CCN
Hugh Wright
Ex-officio Member &
advisor to Policy Committee



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