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Updated: 16 April 2001

Brand New Air Conditioner Fails!

Photo: Brand new air conditioner broken
The new air conditioner purchased by the Dalhousie Math and Stats Dept. less than a month ago has failed, blowing a condenser and losing its coolant early Sunday morning, April 15th. All Chebucto services were offline for several hours until alternate cooling could be arranged. The machine room is currently being manned by Chebucto volunteers and is being cooled by fans blowing into the windowless room.

Photo: Emergency cooling of machine room
It is hoped that repairs to the air conditioner might be carried out Monday, April 16th. For safety reasons, power to the machine room is shut off in the event of the room overheating, resulting in both Math Dept. and Chebucto computers and modems being unavailable for use.

Chebucto Annual General Meeting Next Week!

The 2000 Chebucto Community Net Society Annual General Meeting will be held Tuesday, April 24th, 2001 in the main auditorium of the Computing Science Building, 6050 University Avenue, Halifax. The meeting will start at 7:00 pm, but there will be a short presentation on various Chebucto projects starting at 6:30 pm.

Voting at the meeting is open to all active members of the Chebucto Community Net Society. There will be a Special Resolution about updates to the Chebucto Community Net Society By-laws. A draft of the By-law amendments being recommended by the Chebucto Board of Directors is available online.

Hard disk problems ongoing

Chebucto users have been experiencing some intermittent error messages such as "No space left on device" or a failure to write files to their Chebucto disk space. This is due to a flaky hard drive on our system. Two replacement drives were ordered but there has been some difficulty in their configuration. The Chebucto Technical Committee is working on the problem, and has cleared space on the affected drive by deleting expired files. It is hoped that the extra room on the hard drive will result in fewer of these error messages while a permanent solution is found.

Chebucto User Names Roll Over

The default Chebucto user name system, which runs an alphabetic pattern from aa001 to zz999 has rolled over to the first accounts starting with the letter 'B'. This translates as more than 25,000 account signups since our inception in the spring of 1994. The account, ba001, was activated January 24th, 2001.

Chebucto gets a new domain name!

Chebucto has acquired the new domain name This new name can be used for web page addresses on Chebucto as well as email addresses on Chebucto. The existing domain name will still work for both web page addresses and email addresses and there is no plan to discontinue it.

Changes in the way that .Ca (Canadian) domain names are registered opened up the option for existing provincial domain name holders to upgrade to the higher level national domain name. Re-registering all .Ca domain names is mandatory for all .Ca domain name holders.



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