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Updated: 26 April 2001

Chebucto AGM news

Photo: Outgoing Chair Doug McCann congratulating Past Chair Sharon
Parker  Turnout was light for the Chebucto Community Net Society Annual General Meeting held April 24, 2001 at the new Dalhousie Computer Science building with about forty members showing up. A presentation, "Chebucto 2000 and Beyond" opened the meeting, highlighting Chebucto projects over the last year, including the Tall Ships WebCam and User Survey, the first since 1996.

New By-laws put forward by the Chebucto Policy Committee and Board of Directors were approved by the Chebucto membership after spirited debate in a series of Special Resolutions (which require a 75% or better vote to pass). The new By-laws will come into effect upon Provincial approval, as required by law.

Board elections were as exciting with a surprise nomination from the floor of long-time member Tom Fullerton, who went on to join the Board. The meeting closed with the recognition of the outstanding volunteer service of Past Chair Sharon Parker and thanks to outgoing Chair Doug McCann, who has completed his two year term on the Board.

Air Conditioner Running Again

Repairs have been completed on the new water-cooled air conditioner servicing the Chase Building machine room. The unit is performing well and fingers are being crossed that this will be an end to the cooling problems which have been plaguing Chebucto since last fall.

New Board lineup!

Six Chebucto members stood for election to the Board of Directors at this week's AGM. Floor nominee Tom Fullerton was elected for a two year term, as were interim Directors Ed Dyer, John MacKay, Jeff Warnica and Chris Watt. Policy Committee Chair Andrew D. Wright re-offered after completing his two year term and was re-elected.

Here's the current Board lineup:

Director               Position
Marilyn MacDonald
Chair of the Board, CCN
James Carroll
Vice Chair CCN
Chris Watt
Treasurer and Chair:
Finance/Fundraising Committee
Bernie Hart
Secretary and Chair: External Relations
Ed Dyer
Technical Committee Chair
Tom Fullerton
Member at Large
John MacKay
Member at Large
Grace Paterson
External Relations Committee
Mark Rushton
Chair: Volunteer Committee
Jeff Warnica
Member at Large
Viola Winstanley
External Relations Committee
Andrew D. Wright
Chair: Policy Committee
Hugh Wright
Ex-officio Member & advisor to
Policy Committee

Chebucto User Names Roll Over

The default Chebucto user name system, which runs an alphabetic pattern from aa001 to zz999 has rolled over to the first accounts starting with the letter 'B'. This translates as more than 25,000 account signups since our inception in the spring of 1994. The account, ba001, was activated January 24th, 2001.

Chebucto gets a new domain name!

Chebucto has acquired the new domain name This new name can be used for web page addresses on Chebucto as well as email addresses on Chebucto. The existing domain name will still work for both web page addresses and email addresses and there is no plan to discontinue it. Users are advised to only use to subscribe to mailing lists due to the configuration of outgoing mail from Chebucto.

Changes in the way that .Ca (Canadian) domain names are registered opened up the option for existing provincial domain name holders to upgrade to the higher level national domain name. Re-registering all .Ca domain names is mandatory for all .Ca domain name holders.



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