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Filming Phase IV
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Photo: More boxes

Phase IV stunt crew keep making boxes while lighting and camera angles are adjusted.

Photo: Even more boxes

And still more boxes. I notice that they're placed in layers facing different ways, presumably to distribute the force of the jumper more evenly.

Photo: Closer view of boxes

Box layers are strapped together to prevent shifting.

Photo: Camera crane

With a deep rumbling sound like a military vehicle, the large camera and lighting cranes are brought into position.

Photo: Crane setup

The camera crane is raised into place.

Photo: Lighting

One of the big lights on another crane that is helping to make the real dark night look like movie-style lit-up night.

Photo: Box landing zone complete

The now-completed stack of boxes is covered with tarps against the light rain that has started falling.

Photo: One camera

Cameras are mounted on the ground (shown here), on the second floor balcony and in the camera crane.

Photo: Stunt crew checking setup

The stunt crew give a last look around. By this time a fair size crowd has gathered, standing patiently in the cold drizzle.

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