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Our Systems

Welcome to the North Preston Commmunity Access Centre

  1. I have familiarized myself with the requirements and expectations of the job that I was hired to do. I read the information that was given to me and did some of my own research via the Internet, particularly focussing my search through the Community Access Program website that was a very useful resource. I printed some important documents and ideas and looked at some of the websites of other CAP sites that are in existence in other parts of the Province and Canada. – I have also formulated a resource manual or workbook for myself...
  1. I made numerous phone calls to different computer hardware resellers in order to get pricing on the computer systems needed to outfit the lab. The following specifications were determined to be the best in order to facilitate the growing demand in hardware specifications that are needed to run the latest software and handle high speed Internet access in the future.

    Pentium 200MMX

    32MB RAM

    3.0 GB Harddrive

    32X CD-Rom

    2MB Video card

    33.6K Modem

    Ethernet card

    Sound Blaster 16 Compatible Card


    Mouse/ Keyboard

    15" Monitor


    At least a two year parts and labour warranty