Picture of Sword Form

The Tai Chi Sword is distinguished from the Tai Chi Sabre (or Broadsword) by having two sharp edges and a blade that is perfectly straight.

From my perspective the Sword Form is one of great subtly, nuance and grace. It fosters careful attention to the movements, position and inclinations of the hand as that manifests itself through the sword. There is a complex interweaving of movements of the limbs, manipulations of the sword, changes in directions and feints and deceptions.

The colourful terminology of the postures of the sword form is, in almost every instance, illustrative of the underlying movement dynamic. It is normally executed more slowly than the Sabre form, which can be very quick and dynamic. The Sword Form (Tai Chi Chien) is composed of the following movements:

    Opening of Form

  1. Preparation
  2. Immortal Guardian Shows the Direction
  3. Encase the Moon in Three Rings

    First Stage Photo of Shing Yen Ling

  4. Needle to the Bottom of the Sea
  5. Biggest Star in the Big Dipper
  6. Swallow Skims the Water
  7. Right Block
  8. Left Block
  9. Probe the Sea
  10. Embrace the Moon
  11. Bird Seeking Lodging Flies into Forest

    Second Stage

  12. Black Dragon Wags its Tail
  13. Blue Dragon Emerges From Water
  14. Wind Rolls the Lotus Leaves
  15. Lion Shakes its Head
  16. Tiger Hugs its Head
  17. Wild Horse Leaps the Ravine
  18. The Smallest Star in the Big Dipper
  19. Fish the Moon from Sea Bottom

    Third Stage

    Photo of Shing Yen Ling

More on the Tai Chi Sword Form from Peter Lim.

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