The 1999 Regional Export "A" BCA 8 Ball Championships, held at the Club
"Q" in Halifax NS on

Jan 22/24 were rife with upsets as is evidenced by the lack of perceived
favorites in the final

sixteen. It bodes well for the game in Nova Scotia indicating a
strengthening of the field making

for a more exciting tournament with the insurgence of newer and younger

One of the bright spots for the older players is that Dick Barker has
returned to his old form and

has served notice that the old guard has not yet relinquished the honors
to the younger players.

During the final sixteen run Keith Surette the 1998 Canadian Junior 9 Ball
Champion defeated

Dale Brimicombe, Jacques Cote and Pat Landry before being defeated by Dick
Barker on the

winners side. Keith then defeated Greg Meuse, who placed 3rd, to win the
right to challenge

Dick for the Championship although he would have to beat Dick twice in
order to win. Dick

Barker defeated Tim Brown, Dave Blanchard, Greg Meuse and Keith Surette.
Then Dick met

Keith again in the finals defeating Keith to maintain his streak of no
losses throughout the


The team competition also had upsets as the Canadian Champion Viking were
relegated to

fourth spot this year. The NS Hopefuls made up of Art Durant, Darrell
Grimm, Kevin Grimm, Len

MacDonell, Colin MacDonald and Colin Maloney, defeated Big Styx, Hawkeyes
and Bears

before being defeated by the Gamblers on the winners side. The Gamblers
made up of Shawn

Miller, Brian White, Dale Young, Dale Brimicombe, Dave Blanchard and Bob
Massia defeated

the Eskasoni Champs, Twelve Balls, Vikings and the Hopefuls. The Hopefuls
then defeated the

Almon Wiizards who placed 3rd to maintain the right to challenge the
Gamblers in the finals. In

order to win the Hopefuls had to beat the Gamblers twice. In the first
match the Hopefuls won 13

to 11, setting up a sudden death race to 13 in the finals. The NS Hopefuls
then got off to a quick

start leading the Gamblers 4-1 but the Gamblers fought back and the match
was tied 11-11.

The Gamblers then went ahead 12-11 to place themselves on the hill needing
one win in the last

two games to win the championship and the right to represent Nova Scotia
in the Canadian

Championships in Feb. With the last two games being played simultainiously
Bob Massia

having the break in the last game ran the table and secured the
Championship for the Gamblers.

The ladies division was a carbon copy of the previous year with Sing Lee
placing second to the

defending champion Liz Young and in the team tournament The Maritime
Hustlers made up of

Liz Young, Sing Lee, Kelly Brimicombe, Leigh Ann Giles, Dana Edwards and
Linda Lamirande

defeated the Wingnuts made up of Connie Lynch, Kim Marriott, Shelly
Richards, Katt Evans.

Tina Deleplante, Chris Cast and Josette Rouden in the finals. Liz Young as
the champ and the Maritime Hustlers will represent Nova Scotia at the 
Canadian Ladies Championships in Toronto in Feb.

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