Metro Pool League 2001 Awards

Emcee Arthur Durant

At this time it is my pleasure to introduce to you the executive of the Metro Pool League for the current year; and ask them to come up to the stage. Public Relations Norm Porter Statistician Dave MacCallum Treasurer Danny Fortune Secretary Dale Brimicombe Vice Pres Brad Smith President Bill Shott And now to the awards League Runners Up Halifax Side Hfx Q Dartmouth Side Rodeo Lounge League Winners The league championship was a hotly contested win Burnside Snooker Club captained by Don Matheson coming out on top on the Dartmouth side and Club Q captained by Dale Brimicombe successful on the Halifax side. League averages from 550 to 699 are already on the tables. I will read out the names of all those players who was elligable to receive a trophy the players from 700 and above will be asked to come up to receive their trophy at the podium. Team Congeniality Award This year a new award has been created to recognize the team club which has the most enjoyable atmosphere to play at. I suppose you could say that it is the club's Congeniality Award. The first winner for the year 2000 is Angies Bars & Grill. Would the captain for Angies team come up to accept this award. Winners of the MPL Tournaments Runner-up Partners Tournament Earnest MacDonald Hfx Q & Gordie Lynch Almon Billiards Partners Tournament Barry Shea Hfx Q & Colin Maloney Burnside Winners One Point Tournament Runner-up One Point Tournament Mike Goodwin Rodeo One Point Tournament Champion John Snyder Burnside Runner-up Two Point Tournament Dave Boone Hfx Q Two Point Tournament Champion Colin MacDonald Burnside Most 4 Game Nights (no losses) Four Game Wins Halifax Side 1Pt Barry Shea Hfx Q 9 Nights 2Pt Dale Brimicombe Club Q 12 Nights Dartmouth Side 1Pt Don Matheson Burnside 16 Nights 2Pt John McCoombs Burnside 12 Nights Senior Award The Senior award is given to that player or players who best displays dedication, expertise, sportsmanship and fair play and the receipients this year have exhibited all these qualities and more for many years. Halifax Side From Dooleys Kept Rd Pat Flemming Dartmouth Side From Centennial Legion John Tobin Hall of Fame Award Our next recipient of an award is a player who has been and active member of the league for most of the 29 years. He is an asset to his team and the league and in time he has shown a dedication to the league, volunteering his time for enjoyment of all members. He has an ability to play with the best and an enjoyment of the game which enhances the playing and enjoyment of himself and his opponents. Would you please help me welcome the latest member to the Metro Pool Leagues Hall of Fame, from the Almon Billiards Club team member Gerry Bryden. Consecutive Wins Dartmouth Division 1Pt 34 wins Don Matheson Burnside 2Pt 17 wins Bernard Smiley Daves Doolittles John McCoombs & Kevin Grimm Burnside Halifax Division 1Pt 16 wins Charles McEachern Bullseye 2Pt 16 wins Dale Brimicombe Club Q Billy Meuse Club Q Ed Skinner Fairview Legion Lawrence Borden Copper Penny Most Wins Dartmouth Division 95 wins Mike Covin Burnside Halifax Division Mike Weagle Supercue Most Improved Player Dartmouth Division A 2 pt player up 180 points Gerry Cyr Big Leagues Bar & Grill Halifax Division A 2 pt player up 173 points Rob Millard Halifax Q Most Improved Team Halifax Division Dooleys Kemp Rd up 87 points Dartmouth Division Homestreatch up 220 points High Average From the year 2000 recognition is being given for averages to the one point and two point players separately; Halifax Division 1Pt Dan Deal Club Q 729 2Pt Dale Brimicombe Club Q 800 Dartmouth Division 1Pt Paul Gillespie Burnside 844 2Pt Ken Shea Burnside 796 Rookie of the Year The rookies for the year 2001 Halifax Division Dave Gallant Spryfield Q played 24 weeks at 2 pt - 667 average Dartmouth Division Wade Hall Homestreatch played 21 weeks at 2 pt - 619 average Walter Johnson Award Player's Congeniality Award for sportsmanship and dedication to the team is won by a player from the Almon Billiards Club team captian Dale Arsenault. Most Valuable Player Halifax Division Dale Brimicombe Club Q Dartmouth Division John McCoombs Burnside Div Playoff Champions A Div Burnside Captain Don Matheson B Div Oasis Bar Captains Peter Warren & Rheal Gallant C Div Resolute Captain Norm Porter D Div Penny on the Park Captains Greg O'Leary Doug Redden & Gerard Feehan

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