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Last Updated March 10, 2001

The Lunenburg Chess Club is a very informal chess club. Our activities are now at a great site - the Mug & Anchor Pub, Mader's Wharf, in Town of Mahone, Bay, Nova Scotia, just outside of Lunenburg. The Mug and Anchor is an fine English Style pub on the ocean front. You're always welcome so pull up a chair!

We meet Mondays (as of February 2001) from 6:00 - 9:00 PM at the Mug & Anchor Pub, Mader's Wharf, 643 Main Street, Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. Bring your chess set. Best of all attendance is free!

Our Fifth Lunenburg County Chess Championship is set for April 20, 21, 22, 2001, at the Wandlyn Inn in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. We'll be having sections sections - it will be better than ever. Join us!


Our second Lunenburg County Open Chess Championship was won by Glen Charlton of Halifax. It was even more successful than the first tournament.


We've completed a successful First Lunenburg County Open Chess Championship on March 14, 15, 16, 1997 at the Wandlyn Inn, Bridgewater, Nova Scotia! With a good turn out and great reviews, we plan to do it again! Many thanks to all our supporters and sponsors!

This was our first nationally rated chess tournament, rated by Chess Federation of Canada .

Don't be shy! Haul up a chair and play chess!


The Mug and Anchor Active was completed April 14, with Steve Saunders taking first place. It was played at a leasurely pace Tuesday nights at 6:00pm at the Mug and Anchor Pub, Mader's Wharf in Mahone Bay, NS, spitting distance from the North Atlantic Ocean. This is the regular meeting time and place for the Lunenburg Chess Club.

Active chess is a "faster" version of the game played with a chess clock. Each side must complete their moves in half hour. Otherwise they loose on time.

A more complete report is available on line.

Come on a Virtual Tour of the Lunenburg Chess Club!

Here's some scenes from our meetings at our previous site, the Reading Grounds. Pictures by Steve Saunders using an Epson PhotoPC Camera. Click on the image for a larger view.


Come on in!

Let the games begin. Players young and old compete. There's no generation gap in chess. People from 7 to 70 have played chess here! You can learn to play at almost any age!


Friendly Chess!

Here Garnet Bezanson plays Steve Saunders. Players eager to improve their strength record their moves for review afterwards!

From Beginner to the Tournament Player!

Everyone is welcome! Chess players enjoy a friendly game of chess, or a more "serious" game using a clock to limit that thinking time on moves. Club members always enjoy helping a new player.

The Second Floor

There's plenty of room for you to join us!

Lunenburg Chess Club

Lunenburg Chess Club Blitz January Tournament

January 20, 1998
Double Round Robin
                   1   2    3    4    5   Total
1. Steve Saunders  X   2    2    2    2   8
2. Arthur Grant    0   X    1.5  0    1   2.5 
3. Jason Mercer    0   0.5  X    1.5  1   3
4. Mark Kenney     0   2    0.5  X    2   4.5
5. Bob Hutchinson  0   1    1    0    X   2

Lunenburg Chess Club First Blitz Tournament

Lunenburg Chess Club First Blitz Tournament
June 17, 1997
Crosstable - Round Robin

                     1  2  3  4  5  6  7   T
1. Grant, Arthur     X  0  0  0  1  0  1   2
2. Saunders, Steve   1  X  0  1  1  1  1   5
3. Burgess, Brian    1  1  X  0  1  1  1   5
4. Kenney, Mark      1  0  1  X  0  1  1   4
5. Hutchinson, Bob   0  0  1  0  X  1  1   3
6. Turbot, Ed        -  0  -  0  0  X  1   1
7. Atul Garg         0  0  0  0  0  0  X   0
8. Benzanson, Garnet 1  -  0  -  -  -  -   1

Other Lunenburg County Chess

You might visit Steve Saunders' Chess Page too! He's the author of this page!

For more information on the Lunenburg Chess Club contact Steve Saunders 902-624-9361.

We would like to thank Fran and the Mug and Anchor, for allowing us to meet at their fine English Style Pub! We would also like to thank Gregory Grammer and Reading Grounds for allowing us to meet in their coffee shop and book store over the summer. We are very sorry to see them close!

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