Fad diets are killing us

From the Desk of the Publisher, F. W. Lipschitz

Adelaide Davis, who died in 1986 or thereabouts, was a noted nutritionist and author who wrote hundreds of books on proper and correct diets for people of all ages and income levels. Unfortunately, she died after consuming too many of the experimental meals that she researched and wrote about. The diets were to be included in what was to be her magnum opus, to which she had given the title, Big Food For a Small Planet.

I am fortunate to be now in possession of Adelaide's notes from a source that I am not at liberty to divulge.

Her voluminous body of work contains many insights on what we should eat and she was prolific in denouncing unhealthy diets that she said were killing us off like flies. Unfortunately, she herself was one among countless others who meet an untimely end by sampling one too many of these killer diets. Adelaide was only 36 when she went to that junk food outlet in the sky. 

Her detractors, and admittedly she had many, said that Adelaide was the wrong person to be a food researcher and worse as a diet advisor to millions. One, an equally famous nutritionist, Carleton Fredericton, noted that, "For one thing, at the time of her death Adelaide weighed over 450 lb. and had suffered terribly from diabetes. She never admitted to her adoring fans that she had a craving for sweets of all kinds and, as a result, most of her diets feature recipes containing unhealthy amounts of chocolate chips in various guises. For example, her book Breakfast Cookbook for Diabetics features page after page of recipes from no-fat pancakes to low-fat yoghurt drinks
each of which contain no less than two full cups of chocolate chips -- and that's for just a one-person serving!"

Despite these minor blemishes, her books plus her unpublished manuscripts contain a wealth of information concerning interesting, tasty diets and eating habits of people of all body shapes and income levels. In future editions of The Notional Pest, Online, we shall be excerpting the best of these. Write to Crusty Blanche-Froid by clicking on her name with your own ideas and suggestions. These will be collected and printed in future editions of The Notional Pest, with each contributor's name highlighted in red and underscored !

F.W. Lipschitz, Publisher of The Notional Pest