Halifax Couple Are Determined To Carry On With Forbearance

"Bin Laden won't Intimidate Us" Says Father Of Four

Fred & Marje Lipschitz masked against anthraxBy Crusty Blanche-Froid,  Halifax, 20 Oct. As my sneakers sloshed through the chemical foot bath at their front door, and retired veteran Fred Lipschitz passed the metal-detecting wand over my body, I knew this Halifax couple would not be cowed by terrorists at least by those disguised as reporters or visitors carrying concealed weapons or anthrax spores sprinkled on their boots.

Mr. Lipschitz who spent his career in the military defending Canada against its enemies, explained as he guided me safely through the razor wire protecting their small living room: "We only have one gas mask that I bought years ago at Ron's Army and Navy, but my wife says that she feels safe with the face mask that the Canadian Tire salesman said would protect her from anthrax dust."

The couple are determined that they will live as normal as possible though both say they find eating 'a bit of a strain'. "It's hard eating and chewing with the protective devices in place, but we're getting the knack of it," says Mr. Lipschitz. Marjorie Lipschitz says that their dog, Pauli, is joining their brave effort to carry on as usual. "I couldn't find any face mask that she would tolerate but at least when I take her for her daily walk she is protected from fallout."

Pauli, their dog, protected from falloutThe full story of how this brave couple is coping with the War on Terrorism will be told in a special edition of the Notional Pest on Remembrance Day.