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Maynard Lake: Environment Week-2004

... with thanks to all participants in the environment Week event, and salutations to the Environmental Services group of the HRM and to the NS Dept. of Environment & Labour for their pragmatic partnerships in the beach restoration ...

Soil & Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax (SWCSMH)

     Maynard Lake, Dartmouth


[Img-i-arrow-green.gif] Introduction and thank you all

Only a handful of representative pictures have been included below:-

[Img-i-arrow-green.gif] A selection of the public

[Img-i-arrow-green.gif] Another selection of the public

[Img-i-arrow-green.gif] His Worship, Mayor Peter Kelly, obviously, also a master gourmet chef

[Img-i-arrow-green.gif] His Worship, Peter Kelly, as always, very popular with the future adults

[Img-i-arrow-green.gif] Councillor of the area, John Cunningham, with His worship, and a `klingon' (from outer space?)

[Img-i-arrow-green.gif] HRM Planner, Maureen Ryan, speaking with `The Three Amigos' who will be carrying out the initial and innovative beach restoration project

[Img-i-arrow-green.gif] One of the significant contributors of the food supplies, Sean Naugle of the Sobeys group

[Img-i-arrow-green.gif] Another of the suppliers, John Harvey of Humpty Dumpty products

[Img-i-arrow-green.gif] Our featured musician, Alastair D. Macdonald, of Cole Harbour entertaining the public

[Img-i-arrow-green.gif] Biologist, Peter Shacklock of Portuguese Cove, looked after all aspects dealing with the Bar-B-Q; seen here with His Worship

[Img-i-arrow-green.gif] Organiser of the Environment Week event, Shalom M. Mandaville, seen here with Alastair D. Macdonald, author of the Shubenacadie song

[Img-i-arrow-green.gif] A float built by a local resident used for transporting large amounts of garbage from other parts of the lake

[Img-i-arrow-green.gif] New volunteers took the leadership on the day, Michael and Mary Rosnak, seen here with His Worship

Introduction and thank you all!

The public notice sent approx. to two hundred (200) recipients and to the media for the Environment Week-2004 event organized by us on Saturday, June 05, 2004 (as a positive superstition, June 5th was unexpectedly sunny sandwiched between several weeks of unusually cloudy weather.

A superb advance article written by the Dartmouth Laker in their June 2004 issue not only about this Environment Week event but also about our upcoming beach restoration efforts.

We offer our cordial thanks to the following for donation of food supplies:-

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