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Tracking environmental changes in Pockwock Lake using diatoms as paleoecological indicators

BSc(Hons) thesis of Amy Tropea, April 2005

Acknowledgements and a recommended textbook

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July 15, 2010      Pockwock Lake, Halifax


click for powerpoint presentation <--Click the icon for a PowerPoint presentation by the PEARL, Queen's University researchers on "Assessment of water quality using paleoecological indicators", or click click for PDF for the PDF version  click for info on PDF documents



Stratigraphic plot of the dominant diatom taxa


Weighted-average optima for common taxa in Pockwock and Russell Lakes


Stratigraphic plot of physical analysis on sediment core




Acknowledgements and a recommended textbook

... with thanks to Prof. Dr. John Smol and Brian Ginn of the PEARL, Queen's University, Ontario for sharing the thesis!

Smol, J.P. 2008. Pollution of Lakes and Rivers: A Paleoenvironmental Perspective. 2nd ed. Blackwell Publishing, Oxford. x,383 pp. ISBN-13: 978-1-4051-5913-5.

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