Fundraising at Chebucto Community Net

Chebucto Community Net is funded largely through memberships in the society which operates it. The current financial situation is very bleak and we encourage all users to join the society and/or make donations. Please read the report of the recent Members' Forum in the December edition of CCN Connections for more details.

Below, you will find further information on

Custom User Names

Custom User Names are now available to Supporting Members of our Community Net Society. Become a Supporting Member and have your mail reflect your interest or occupation or dream view of yourself or just be a name instead of a number! Please note that this non-essential but desirable feature is a benefit only available to Supporting Members!

The good names are going to be taken quickly, so read on for how you can reserve yours!

As long as you remain a supporting member you will retain your chosen custom user name. Mail addressed to your current user name will be automatically forwarded to your new custom user name. If you cease to be a supporting member, your user name will revert to your current letter/number login name.

Supporting Members

Supporting Members are those who choose to support Chebucto Community Net with an annual membership fee/donation of $50 (or more) for an individual and $100 (or more) for a family.

If you have already contributed at the Supporting level, read on to reserve your name -- not further payment is necessary.

Approval of Names

The custom user name must be approved by the Resource Development Committee. Names are restricted to up to 8 letters and /or numerals, with only dash, period and underscore as punctuation. Names that might be considered rude or obscene by reasonable adults will not be approved as User Names are a part of the projected public image of Chebucto Community Net. It is important to note that your real name will be displayed in brackets in all outgoing mail and postings to usenet groups. Therefore, a custom id does not provide anonymity to any Chebucto Community Net user.

To order your custom id

Step 1
If you are not already a Supporting Member, send a cheque or money order for $50 ($100 for family) to:

Chebucto Community Net
Room 125, Chase Building
Dalhousie University
Halifax, NS
B3H 4R2 Canada

Be sure to clearly mark your current user id and the requested custom id on the back of your cheque. Family Supporting Members should send a single cheque with information for all applicable accounts recorded on the back. Continue using your current login name until notified that your custom id has been approved and is now installed. Forwarding of mail from your former e-mail address to the new custom user name will be done automatically as soon as installation is complete.

Step 2
Follow this link to the on-line form which must be completed. Here you will request your custom user name which will be reserved for one week, pending receipt of your cheque or money order and human approval of your chosen name.

December Special

All orders received before the end of December will have one year added to your current membership renewal date. If you have renewed recently, you will essentially have Supporting Member status for two years!

Gift Certificates

Give the gift that benefits both the recipient and Chebucto Community Net. If you wish to order a Custom User Name for a friend or relative, send your cheque along with the name and mailing address of the person to receive it. We will send them a certificate along with details on how to register. This can be done for people who are now members or for those who do not yet use CCN. Gift Certificates are also available for all other levels of membership.

T-Shirts and Mugs

We still have some t-shirts and mugs with Chebucto Community Net logos. These must be sold before we can afford to order new ones with the CCN Community Net logo! T-shirts are available in Large and Extra Large for $10 and mugs in a standard size are only $2.50. All prices include GST! A volunteer has offered to deliver orders of $15 or more within metro. To order, please write with name, delivery address, and phone number.

Further Information

If you want more information on any of these items, please write Joan Macintosh.