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Apple II Communications Software
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Apple II Communications Software

ProTerm v3.1 Full Version (by InTrec)

(Reclassified as Freeware by the Lost Classics Project and 16 Sector Services). Read the release statement. The Premiere Apple ][ Telecommunications Application. 2009 Release. Requires 128K Enhanced Apple //e, or greater. Use ShrinkIt to open. The Award Winning documentation published by InTrec software, now available electronically. Converted by 16 Sector Services. (LCP/16S Release)

ProTerm v3.1 (Demo) 5.25 and 3.5 Versions (by InTrec)

A shareware demo version of ProTerm. No saving or file transfers allowed in this version but you can upgrade to the full version. Full documentation is provided. Use 'BinSCII' to decode. Requires 'ShrinkIt' to expand. Runs under ProDOS 8. For use on all Apple II's. PT31dem525 (a+b) creates a double-sided floppy on 5.25" 143K disk. PT31.35 creates an 800K disk.

Kermit v3.87

A full function terminal communications program supporting VT-100, X-modem, and various protocols. For use with Kermit uploading and downloading at CCN. Use 'BinSCII' to decode. May require 'ShrinkIt' to expand. Use the documentation manual provided to learn how to operate this useful program. Runs under ProDOS 8. For use on all Apple II's.

Z-Link *Shareware*

A communications program featuring X-modem, Vt-100 and file transfers. Documentation is provided. Use 'BinSCII' to UU-decode. May require 'ShrinkIt' to expand. Runs under ProDOS 8. For use on all Apple II's.

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