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Commodore 64/128 Compression & Conversion Software
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Commodore 64/128 Compression & Conversion Software

UU-Xfer 64/128
An all-purpose UU-decoder/encoder for the 64/128. Necessary for use with files on CCN that might be encoded. Graphics on archives usually use this encoding. Documentation is included. Runs on all Commodore 64/128 computers.
ZipCode 64
This unpacking program will allow you to unzip any program that may require it on CCN and any other archive. Read and print the 'ZipCode.Readme' and '1_Zip.Readme' files before proceeding for instruction how to properly use this program. Runs on all Commodore 64/128 computers.
PKUnZip64 v1.01
Packing and unpacking program for the 64/128 system. Read and print the 'PKUnZip.Readme' file for instructions on installation and use of this program.
Decomp 64/128
A series of 5 decompression and conversion programs. Read and print the 'Decomp.txt' file for instructions.
LZHTOSFX Conversion Program
A program necessary for converting some archives from the MS-DOS style of encoding (.lzh) to the self-dissolving archives (.sfx) of the 64/128 series of computers. Read and print 'LZHTOSFX.Readme' file for instructions.
C64S v1.1b
Necessary for converting .d64 (disk) and .t64 (tape) files over to C64 files for use of the Commodore 64/128. Use the 'ZipCode' program to unpack and run for on-line instructions. Most game archives use these filetypes for storage and conversion is impossible without this program.
Trans64 (C64 Emulation Converter)
Actually a program for PCs, it allows the PC user to transfer many .d64 (disk) and .t64 (tape) programs from a C64 via an X1541 cable. Once the programs are transferred, use one of many emulators available on the internet to run them on your PC. Use PKZip to expand.


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