A Miscellany of Simple HTML Tags

This document illustrates the use of line breaks, italics, boldface, and the horizontal rule.

Don't forget, you can press \ to view the HTML source.

A line break is used when you want to start a new line, but don't want the extra white space that is used to separate paragraphs. Here is an example:

Some Company Inc.
1234 Anywhere Street
Smalltown, NS

Italics and boldface can be used to emphasize text. You may also have seen <i> </i> used for italics and <b> </b> used for boldface. The former is more correct because it allows the browser to interpret what "strong" and "em" mean. For example, Lynx does not support italics and "em" may mean something else, such as underline or a differnt color on your terminal

Finally, the horizontal rule is useful for drawing horizontal lines to separate the parts of your document. Here is an example:

This is often used to separate different sections in a document.

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