Creating HTML Files

HTML documents can be created with a plain text editor. It doesn't have to be on CCN, it can be done on your PC with your favourite editor, and then uploaded to your home directory. Note that if you're using a word processor, you should save as plain text, not as a word processor file. When working on HTML, it is useful to have a program to view it with. Netscape, Internet Explorer, Mosaic, MacWeb, and Cello are a few viewers that can be used for testing. There are also programs for IBM and for Mac which will help you compose HTML; e.g. HTML Assistant for Windows, macros for use with WordPerfect, programs that will convert from RTF (produced by some word processors) to HTML, etc. New versions of some word processors such WordPerfect 6.1 with the required add-on, have the ability to save as an HTML file.

Here are some popular HTML Tools:

Have a look at the CCN Online Users' Guide for more information on using Lynx (WWW browser), PICO (text editor), PINE (EMail) and TIN (Usenet).

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